Sino - Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre
Molecular Disease Biology Section
Department of Veterinary 
Disease Biology
Faculty of Health and 
Medical Sciences
University of Copenhagen
c/o Danish Cancer Society
Strandboulevarden 49
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ř

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About us

Our goal is to contribute to an improvement in
cancer treatment.

 To achieve this goal we aim to create a fruitful, translational research environment where we develop tools for early detection and personalized cancer treatment.

The Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre was inaugurated in February 2009 based on a three-year grant from the Danish National Research Foundation and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation. 

The Centre is affiliated to the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

In July 2011 the Centre obtained a grant extension for the period 2012-2015.

In August 2013 the Centre moved from Frederiksberg Campus to the Danish Cancer Society, Strandboulevarden 49, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ř. With this co-localization, a number of leading cancer researchers are now able to work in close contact and thus able to strengthen their research activities.
The partners of the Centre are: Aarhus University, the University of Southern Denmark, the Technical University of Denmark together with the Danish Breast Cancer Cooperative Group and Beijing Genomics Institute, Shenzhen, China. 

With the prolongation, three more partners have joined the Centre: Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG) - Beijing, the University of Copenhagen - Center for Protein Research, and the University of Copenhagen - Medicinal Chemistry.

The overall goal of the Centre is to solve some of the most urgent problems in modern treatment of breast cancer:  

  •  Personalised endocrine therapy
  •  Personalised chemotherapeutic treatment
We have ample experience in molecular mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer and use a wide range of molecular and cell biology methods. Moreover, we perform translational research by validating our potential biomarkers in well-defined clinical material.

Research staff at the Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre

José Moreira
Professor Nils Brünner, University of Copenhagen
Ass. Prof. Birgitte Viuff, University of Copenhagen
Nils Brünner
Centre director

Head of the

José Moreira
MSc, PhD, Professor with special responsibilities

Birgitte Viuff
Associate professor

Members of the Research and Steering Committee

Professor Sřren Brunak, Technical University of Denmark
Professor Lars Bolund, Aarhus University
Professor Henrik Ditzel, University of Southern Denmark
Henrik Ditzel
Chief Physician
University of 
Southern Denmark

Lars Bolund

Aarhus University

Honoured with the
Chinese National
Friendship Award,
PRC, 2009 
Sřren Brunak
Dr.Phil, PhD, Physicist 
Center Director

Technical University
of Denmark

Ass. Prof. Ramneek Gupta
Professor Karsten Kristiansen, University of Copenhagen
Henning T. Mouridsen, professor, DBCG
Henning Mouridsen

Danish Breast 
Cancer Cooperative
Karsten Kristiansen
Head of Department

University of

Ramneek Gupta
MSc, PhD
Ass. Prof.

Technical University
of Denmark
New members of the research staff

Fredrik Björkling, Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Jens Berthelsen, Head, The Novo Nordisk Foundation - Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen

Si-Qi Liu, Professor, PhD, Director of Proteomic Research Center, Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

Other members of the research staff at
the Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre

Bao Li, MSc, PhD student (UCPH/BGI)

Fang Chen, MSc, PhD student (UCPH/BGI)

Huang Peide, MSc, Phd student (UCPH/BGI)

Lena Vinther Jensen, MSc, PhD student

Mikkel Hřeberg, MSc, PhD student

Stine Ninel Hansen, MSc, PhD student

Haatisha Jandu, research assistant

Annette Bartels, Bioanalyst

Signe Lykke Nielsen, Bioanalyst

Vibeke Jensen, Bioanalyst

- and M.Sc. students from UCPH

Scientific Advisory Board
Professor John Foekens
Professor John Foekens
Erasmus MC
University Medical Center
The Netherlands
Professor Edison Liu
Professor Edison Liu, President of the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
Peter Buhl-Jensen, MD DMSc,
BUHL Oncology,