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In September the Sino-Danish Breast Cancer Research Centre co-organized a 3-day International Breast Cancer Symposium at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Southern Denmark, entitled: Translational Science - Towards the Cure of Breast Cancer. Forty breast cancer researchers and physicians from several counties, incl. Portugal, England, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria and China discussed the latest development in personalized breast cancer treatment and ongoing research in this area.


Member of The SINO-DANISH BREAST CANCER RESEARCH, Prof. Henrik Ditzel, chaired the symposium. Several other Centre members, including Prof. Nils Brünner and Prof. Bent Ejlertsen, as well as other leading Danish breast cancer researchers gave lectures. 

In November 2010 we had our first large Steering Committee and Research Meeting in China.
Thirteen people from the Centre, incl. Prof. Henrik Ditzel, University of Southern Denmark, Prof. Lars Bolund, Aarhus University, and  Prof. Karsten Kristiansen and Prof. Nils Brünner, Copenhagen University - all engaged at BGI-Shenzhen - together with 13 Chinese researchers from BGI took part in the meetings.
The meetings also included visits to the laboratories at BGI.

Moreover, our visit included research discussions at BGI-Hong Kong and BIG/BGI-Beijing.

One topic involved the prospect of designing a joint PhD programme in China 2011